General Dining Terms & Conditions

In making a booking with GCB PTY LTD you herby agree to the terms and conditions outlined below.

Cruise Departure Point:  Eagle Street Pier, Lower Boardwalk, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane.

Boarding Time & Check-in: Prior to boarding the boats, please check in at the ticketing office (located on the lower boardwalk directly in front of the boats). Each booking will receive a boarding pass which is required to board the boat. You may board the boat 30 minutes prior to departure. For the enjoyment of all guests, we cannot delay our departure for any late arrivals. We therefore recommend you allow sufficient time for travel to & /or parking at Eagle Street pier

Infants: Please ensure your infant/s are included in your booking total (number of guests) as we must account for the exact number of people on the vessel. Infants are free of charge. Please advise office at time of booking for a preference regarding highchair, pram space or chair for your infant. Please note, that on occasion where the cruise may full, availability of highchair/ pram spaces may be limited.

Disability & Mobility:
There may be access limitations for guests with mobility issues. If you require assistance with boarding, please check in 15minutes prior to your advised boarding time. We will provide you with a priority boarding pass.

We have stairs on each of our vessels. Please advise if you have trouble navigating stairs. We do not have lifts on board. We will do our best to accommodate you on a lower deck, however we must be advised prior to your cruise date.

Disabled toilet facilities are only located on one of our vessels. The other vessels have stairs to the toilet facilities. It is important to let us know prior to your cruise, so we can allocate you to the required deck/boat.

We have limited access for wheelchairs. We can accommodate wheelchairs up to 63cm only. Motorised scooters cannot be taken onboard.

Please advise staff of any mobility issues when booking, prior to your cruise date i.e walking frames, cannot navigate stairs, wheelchairs or guide dogs and we will do our upmost to accommodate you.

Dietary Requirements:
When cruising with us, we can cater for 4 basic dietary requirements: Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free and Dairy-free. However please note that these MUST be pre-booked at time of reservation.

We will not be able to cater to dietary requirements advised on the day.

Unfortunately we cannot cater for guests with allergies/adverse reactions caused by food. Whilst we have made every attempt to meet a variety of dietary requirements we have met with our suppliers and have been advised that they “cannot guarantee” that our stock has not been in contact with nuts, eggs, soy, or bee products etc during and throughout the manufacturing process.

For this reason above, we cannot cater to allergies and are sincerely sorry. We can, however, welcome all guests with food allergies on a cruise, at a discounted price, so that those guests (if they choose) can bring in their own meal that has been prepared for their exact requirements.

Please also understand that whilst sailing we cannot change ingredients for food preferences / individual tastes. (i.e I do not like tomatoes). As we are a vessel, we are unable to stock a large amount of excess food on board to suit all requirements/preferences. Our team of chef’s spend an incredible amount of time sourcing and preparing the menu items and are also confined to an extremely short period of time to serve food in order to keep the cruise operating within the allocated time. Due to these reasons (and in order to keep the cruise at a value-for-money price) we simply cannot provide individual chefs to meet specific tastes nor change or swap ingredients to suit individual preferences.

Please remember to advise us when you are making your booking of your dietary requirements (Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free or Dairy-Free).

We have a wonderful variety of food on board so please feel free to peruse our menu online prior to cruising.

Please feel free to call our reservations office for further details.

Dress Code: Smart/neat casual attire. No thongs and singlets, please.

Cakes: Guests are welcome to bring their own cakes onboard. Please note a cakeage fee of $2.50 per person applies. Cakes are also available for purchase. Please enquire with the office at least one week prior to your cruise.

Table Requests: Requests for specific tables cannot be made. If you would like a guaranteed window seat, this is available for an additional $20 per person. This applies to tables of 2 or 4 only. Guaranteed Window Seats/Table for Two may not be available on Special Occasion Cruises (e.g. Valentine’s Day/, Mother’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve).

Bar Tab: It is possible to pre-pay a bar tab either prior to the cruise date or at the start of the cruise. Please note all bar tabs are strictly non-refundable.

Bar Bills: If you do not have a drinks package or a pre-paid bar tab, your drinks must be paid for at the end of your cruise. At the conclusion of the cruise your table will be provided with one itemised bill. Unfortunately, we cannot split bills for groups. Guests bills must be paid prior to the end of the cruise and before any guests can disembark. We can accept payment using cash, Visa or Mastercard.

Drink Tokens: Drink tokens are non-refundable. Left over drink tokens may be used on future cruise dates.

Credit Card Accepted: Visa & MasterCard. Amex are not accepted.
Payment can be made via credit card over the phone or by booking online through our secure booking form. Credit card purchases incur a 1.5% surcharge.

Gift Vouchers If paying by gift card please advise the office of the gift card number at the time of booking. If the gift card amount is greater than the total cost of the cruise, the remaining balance can be used on the cruise either towards beverages or optional extras etc. We are not able to return any unused funds to the purchaser or recipient of the gift card.

Special offers: Any offers/discounts must be advised at time of booking. We do not accept any discounts after payment has been made. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the offer and any vouchers/ID that need to be sent to the office must be done at least one week prior to the cruise


Due to extraordinary, unforeseen circumstances, we regretfully advise that we must decline all requests for refunds/cancellations.

We are however offering those guests who would like to change their booking, the following favourable options:

  1. Immediate date change to any general dining date in the future
  2. Credit voucher to the value of 125%. (E.g. If your ticket price was $100, we will issue you with a re-cruise voucher to the value of $125. This additional 25% may be used at any time in the future and can be used for additional guests, cocktails, upgrades, special event cruises or any other onboard offers.

Please understand that as we must purchase all stock including fresh produce and prepare all menus along with rostering staff for the number of guests, the above changes can only be actioned up to 3 days prior to your booking date.


To make changes to your booking:

If you are cruising on a ThursdayYou must notify us by the prior Monday before 12pm
If you are cruising on a FridayYou must notify us by the prior Tuesday before 12pm
If you are cruising on a SaturdayYou must notify us by the prior Wednesday before 12pm
If you are cruising on a SundayyYou must notify us by the prior Thursday before 12pm

Missed Departures: Unfortunately refunds or transfers are not permitted due to a missed departure. We strongly recommend that you check travel/traffic conditions on the day of your departure, in particular when there are special events (e.g. public holidays, Marathon, Anzac Day parade) as these can often cause traffic delays.

Changes to the cruise: We reserve the right to amend vessels, menu, entertainment or any other aspect of your cruise where necessary and without notice.

Cruises are subject to minimum numbers and tours may be canceled or schedules may change (with or without notice) for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to bad weather conditions, traffic delays, and technical disruptions. Unless otherwise required by law, we will not be responsible for paying costs or expenses you may incur as a result of the change of time or cancellation

We reserve the right to make changes to our Terms and Conditions from time to time

Responsible Service of Alcohol and Behaviour: In the interest of passenger and crew safety; staff reserve the right to refuse the service/supply of alcohol to any unduly intoxicated, underage or disorderly guest.

If deemed necessary, Management may elect to dock the vessel and remove the guest and/or notify police.

Smoking: Strictly no smoking on any of the vessels

Photography: Your image may be captured at any time and be used in publicity, promotional or advertising material in any format whatsoever, for sales of souvenir photographs or marketing. By entering the vessel, you consent to your image being recorded and used for these purposes and you acknowledge that copyright in these materials rests with the Showboat Cruise

Thanking you and we look forward to welcoming you on board.

Thanking you and we look forward to welcoming you onboard.

Functions Terms & Conditions

• Upon payment of the deposit, the customer will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions contained herein unless otherwise amended by agreement in writing.
• The balance of the account is subject to variation in the event that guest numbers increase, otherwise, the Total Minimum cost specified in the agreement shall be paid.
• In the event that there is any change required to the Menu Selection, The Company reserves the right to vary the agreed price charged per person.
• It is agreed that should the minimum number of guests decrease by 10 percent or more then The Company reserves the right to vary the agreed price charged per person and cater only for the specified number of guests attending.
• All final guest numbers, food requirements and payment are to be paid to The Company no later than 21days prior to your booking date.
• In the event that the duration of the function exceeds the agreed Duration period, The Company shall charge a minimum of $300.00 per half hour or part thereof for the function centre and higher rates for charter vessels, being either early entry or late departure, save and except any delay that may be caused solely by The Company.
• The Company reserves the right to engage security guard protection services at the function, when and if it deems fit and necessary, for the safety and security of the patrons, guests and staff, without any necessary consultation with the customer, by providing the customer 24 hours notice of its intention to do so (such notice to be given at the customers address as noted on the Contract herein, either by mail, facsimile or email, and the customer agrees to pay the cost of any security guard protection services in addition to the agreed cost of the function on the same terms and conditions.
• A minimum deposit of $1,100.00 or 10 percent (whichever is the greater) shall be paid to confirm the booking. Group Bookings (mixed functions) shall attract a minimum deposit of 20%. The deposit is not transferable and is not refundable unless The Company can rebook the Function Date with a similar function. A 20% administration fee will apply to all cancellations regardless if a similar function has been re-booked. Unless a similar function can be re-booked on the function date and period the customer agrees that it will complete the agreement failing which the customer agrees to be liable for any damages whatsoever suffered by The Company.
• Payment of the balance of account must be made 10 days prior to the Function date or otherwise strictly by cash or bank cheque issued no later than one business day prior to commencement of the function. Credit Card payments will attract a further cost of 3%.
• Wedding functions require progress payments (a further 30% is required 3 months prior to the function)
• Unless alternative credit arrangements have been made in writing prior to commencement of the function. Late payments shall incur a minimum penalty of 3% over and above the National Australia Bank personal lending rate and all other costs associated with the collection of payments
• The customer is responsible for all breakage or damage caused by the customer and/or its guests including damages caused by decorations such as candle wax. The Company reserves the right to charge the customer for damages caused to any property of The Company recommends that the customer conducts a full inspection prior to the commencement and at the conclusion of the function.
• The Company reserves the right to refuse entry and/or to eject any guest for bad conduct, bad language and/or damage to property at the discretion of the Duty Manager
• The Company reserves the right to amend the vessel operating the function without prior notice
• The customer agrees that the number of guests and price per person does not include members of any musical band, master of ceremonies, photographers or video/camera operators that may be requested by the customer to attend the function. The customer agrees to pay for the above parties at a discounted rate of 20% unless otherwise agreed in writing.
• The customer hereby acknowledges that it will not hold The Company responsible for any referrals of masters of ceremonies, bands, audiovisuals or floorshows. The customer shall deal and contract directly with any referrals made.
• The Company reserves the display photographs taken at any of The Company locations for promotional purposes and the client and/or its guest will be compensated.
• The Company does not accept responsibility for damage to, or loss of client property left in the venue. All client property left in the venue must be removed no later than 12 hours after the conclusion of the function.
• Laws and Regulations – no client is to commit any act, or permit its employees, agents or invitees to commit any act that is illegal, offensive or in breach of any statute, by law, order, regulation or other law.
• Clients are responsible for all costs associated with the setup or breakdown of function. The Company must be advised of deliveries prior to arrival. The Company may charge the client for any assistance provided in setup or breakdown
• The Company ability to meet its obligations under this agreement is subject to the intervention of matters outside The Company command including but not limited to industrial disputes, accidents, government restrictions, and restrictions upon staff, food and beverage supplies, equipment failure, flooding, power failure, fire or any other unforeseen circumstances. The Company is not liable for any loss of profit or any consequential damages, whether based on breach of contract, warranty or otherwise.

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