Wedding Quiz: Are you a Bridezilla?

Wedding Quiz: Are you a Bridezilla?

How much of a Bridezilla are you? Take our fun quiz and find out!

1. How well do you know your wedding coordinator?

a) I don’t even remember her name?
b) I have spoken with her once or twice since we viewed the venue
c) I have contact about twice a week
d) I speak with about 5 times a day, she often rejects my calls

bridezilla quiz

2. How many tasks have you given your maid of honor?

a) None, other than show up
b) Nothing other than arrange the Hens
c) Plan the Hens, deliver the cake, attend all dress fittings and a few on the day errands
d) She has a task list that was sent to her upon acceptance of being my maid of honor, I expect her to be at my absolute beck and call

bridezilla quiz

3. How much time a week do you spend on planning?

a) Maybe 15 minutes if I have to
b) About an hour
c) 6-12 hours
d) I have given up my job to plan my wedding full time

bridezilla quiz

4. What are you suggesting for gifts?

a) We have said no gifts
b) We have suggested cash
c) We have done a gift registry with items we would love
d) We have emailed all our guests a list of expected items and a recommended spend per guest

bridezilla quiz

5. How did you pick your bridesmaids?

a) I picked my very best friend
b) I choose my closest friends who I knew would support me on the day
c) I wrote a list of everyone I wanted and then shortlisted based on who would be most help
d) I choose my friends that would make me look best on my big day. No slim beautiful bridesmaid please, it is all about me

bridezilla quiz

6. How much say has your partner had in your plans?

a) We have planned everything together
b) We chose the venue and package together, but I am looking after the styling choices
c) I have selected most things but he is choosing the groomsmen’s suits
d) It is my day and I have chosen absolutely everything. My fiancé hasn’t even seen his suit. He probably won’t like it but it does so well with my flowers.

bridezilla quiz

7. What do you do to de-stress in the lead up to your wedding?

a) Nothing, I’m not stressed
b) A few deep breaths and move on
c) A bottle of wine whilst I pour over wedding emails and make calls
d) I do not have time to worry about stress. Everyone has their jobs and I need to make sure they all get done to my standard

bridezilla quiz

8. How upset do you think you would be if the best man forgot the rings?

a) Not at all, I would laugh because it is so cliché
b) I would be disappointed but I would get over it quickly
c) I was be pretty angry with him
d) He couldn’t because I do not trust him so I am taking them myself. If he lost them I would never speak to him ever again.

A’s – 0%
B’s – 4%
C’s – 8%
D’s – 12.5%

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